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​As a conscientious pet owner, you should be searching for pet services that are reliable and prioritize your pet's specialized needs. Living in Chicago, pet care that keeps your needs in mind is hard to find. PamperedPooch-Chicago is a small and private dog walking service that is dedicated to ensuring that your pets enjoy their time with us. We also are dedicated to ensuring your peace of mind from knowing your pets are in good hands. We provide the best pet sitting Chicago residents need, as part of their busy lifestyle. Whether it is a walk in the park, snuggling at home, or any number of other things, our services are tailored to meet and exceed the needs of both you and your pet. Unlike many competitors, we are flexible with last minute requests and never walk or handle large packs of dogs. Please contact us with your specific questions or concerns. We would love to accommodate the diverse needs of both you and your pet. We provide the dog walkers Chicago residents look for when looking after their pet.

"I have been around animals my entire life and have dedicated myself to follow what I truly love and enjoy doing. I've helped and trained dogs with behavioral problem or with special needs of all ages. Throughout the years, I have been a proud pet owner of Rottweilers, German Shepherds, Yorkies, and one Pug. I am committed to working with your pet despite any behavioral challenges or special health needs and working to ensure that both you and your pet are satisfied with our service." Martha Del Rio.

We at PamperedPooch-Chicago are Insured and Bonded.

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Featured Adoptable Pet

ROSIE - ID#A118566

My name is ROSIE.
I am a female, white and tan Jack (Parson) Russell Terrier.
The shelter staff think I am about 7 years old.
I have been at the shelter since Sep 30, 2013.

"If my dog is not feeling well, she will offer to break up his regular walk into 2 or 3 to help accommodate any need for more frequent eliminations.  If my dog is showing any unusual symptoms or signs, Martha or her dog walkers will indicate this in his daily note.  I expect a high level of attention and care for my dog – and that is what he gets from Martha and her staff!  I would recommend Pamper Pooch Chicago to anyone!” - Bailey& Jean

"We have been clients of pampered pooch for approximately three years, I have a very busy life and am always looking for people who are responsible and dependable. Martha is one of those people; I never worry about her not doing at least what is expected and she takes the intiative to do what needs to be done. If it's too cold, she brings Magic back early and leaves a note explaining that she came back early for the safety of the dog. If it rains, she will dry her off and play with her in the house, etc.

 She loves dogs! She enjoys her work and that shows in her performance. She loves dogs and my dog loves her (my husband thinks our dog loves Martha more than she loves him!)". -Tina&Andy& Magic